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About Milwaukee Academy

Milwaukee, a premier institute in IELTS was established with an aim to impart quality training to IELTS aspirants. We are proud to say that, we have been honest to this objective. This institute has been branched out to Spoken English, OET, and NCLEX-RN besides IELTS. Those who have passed out of this institute with flying colours bear testimony to the fact that this institute is something special. We provide hostel facilities too.

The salient features

We have dedicated and excellent staff committed to IELTS training. Talented teachers are the hall mark of this institute. The co-operation between the management and staff is outstanding. Similarly, teacher-student relation is always cordial. Staff meetings and grooming sessions every month aim at sharpening the skills. Another demarcating feature is that the movement of students from one class to another is based on their performance in the tests conducted. We always monitor the improvement of students in each module and shift the students from one class to another completely based on their performance in the class entrance exam. English speaking is compulsory in the institute .We always ensure that students get some new pieces of information everyday. Those who are weak in elementary things of English get a few weeks of spoken English class. In every module we have a structure that is unique.Get together during festival season is part of our time table. We also facilitate interaction between students and people from English speaking countries.We ensure that individual attention is given to all students. Each class has a class teacher who is entrusted with the responsibility of the improvement of students.Individual correction for Task I and II helps erase the common mistakes in grammar, spelling and sentence structures. We always see to it that latest study materials are given which helps the students in getting extra information and latest trends.There are strict values and regulations that must be followed without any failure. This ensures an atmosphere of discipline. The main reason why IELTS aspirants perform badly in IELTS is because of the lack of sufficient exposure to English. To compensate this, we have made English speaking compulsory and those who defy it are fined.We give students test every week in the original IELTS format which provides them an entire picture of how exam is given and this removes the fear and prepares them to face the exam confidently.Generally, speaking is the toughest area for most non-english speaking students. Anticipatating this problem, we give individual speaking everyday to exam–going students. We give extra listening in the morning everyday from 8.45 to 10. No doubt this has helped students score satisfactorily in listening module. These factors help the students to step into the top slot and hence we are second to none, your dream of flying to your preferred destination will come true by joining at Milwaukee.