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Communicative English

Milwaukee is the excellent and effective vocabulary builder in the English language. Everybody can learn and speak English fluently without hesitation. Our systematic method of speaking course can be espoused by anyone is a short time easily. Ours is an enchanting speaking course for all who wish to speak effectively any where in the world.


One of the main gots of this course is to give a share of  English to the people whose mothertoung  is not English; leads the main fact is to motivate these,
• Students in schools and colleges.
• Those who seek jobs, interviews and G.D
• Those who wish to go abroad and other states of India.
• Students who are trying to go abroad for higher education.
• Who read English newspapers and magazines.
• Majority of the Indians are enable to speak English even though it is the first language of a few of these and the second language of a large number of educated Indians.    No one can refrain form it in the plan. It is the prevailed language in the Universe.

Need Of English

English, the Universal language is used to write many books like Pharmacology, Engineering, Medicine, MBA, MCA, Information Technology etc. People can easily understand it. It most be grasped in order to converse is and around the world.

Methodology Of Teaching

The methodology we follow is in tune with the latest changes in teaching English. The old structural approach does not play a key role in the current methodology. Communicative approach is used in a viable fashion. In order to ensure active interaction in the natural way we strictly adhere to learner centred method through play way. The learners' fluency rather than accuracy is the prime consideration in methodology. The system is to teach language through literature, but purely functions oriented not content based.

Language laboratory

This has been designed specially to improve the pronunciation of learners. The learners are given ample opportunity to express themselves. The training intends to make the learners active participants in the teaching learning process. We use the best known tools such as cassettes, discs, player and recorder in this lab


We follow the materials which are absolutely standardised. They are the ones published by Cambridge University, Oxford University, Tata Mc Graw Hill, Prentice Hall and CIEFL

A class of written English

Without a knowledge of written English, learning English is imperfect. The Course has a separate part specifically meant for grammar and composition. The most necessary units are taught in a creative manner.

Curious English and language games

Learning English will entertain you with a lot of fun, excitement and pleasure. The class opens up a path to taste the enigma of English. You may be surprised to find that English has so many ways to amuse you.


The faculty is well-trained and of long years experienced in the field of teaching English. It is well-known for the preparation of materials for different learners of English.

Testing and Evaluation

To check the overall quality of learning a six fold testing system has been formed. They are (1) Tests of Grammar (2) Tests of Pronunciation (3) Tests of Spelling (4) Tests of Spoken English (5) Tests of Vocabulary (6) Tests of Composition and Comprehension. Valuation is carried out measuring the learners’ language skills using an evaluation format. It shows the achievements of learners in four language skills, namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.